Resolution 63-20 Extending Q2 Tax Grace Period to 6.1.2020

The Chief Financial Officer oversees the finances of the Borough, reports to the Council on the Borough’s financial condition, oversees the budgeting process, maintains continuing review of budgets and manages the Borough’s insurance program.  As tax collector, he is responsible for the collection of all taxes listed in the tax duplicate submitted by the assessor.


It is important to note that tax bills are mailed to the taxpayer as a matter of convenience only.  Failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt taxpayers from interest charges as prescribed by law.  Taxes are payable quarterly; due on the first day of February, May, August and November.  There is a ten day grace period by NJ Statute.  Interest of 8% per annum will be charged on amounts up to $1,500.00 and 18% per annum on amounts over $1,500.00.  A penalty of 6% will be charged on any delinquency in excess of $10,000 if not paid by the end of the year.