Continued Certificate of Occupancy

The Borough has adopted requirements for continued Certificated of Occupancy (CCO).

 In order to comply with the CCO requirements, An application must be picked up at the Building Office in the Borough Hall.  For your convenience a sample of this application has been provided. Along with this application the Fire Prevention Bureau also has an application for smoke detectors and fire extinguishers that must be completed, again this application is available at the Building office.  After the applications are completed and submitted along with payment to the Building office the application will be reviewed upon submittal for any open permits that you must address, then the application will be sent to the Health Department for review of septic and a water test as required by state law, after approval by the Health Department the application will be passed along to the Fire Prevention Bureau, the inspector will contact you for an inspection date. During this inspection we will inspect various items, a check list sample that will be used has been provide for you so you can do a pre-inspection, again this is only a check list not all items may apply to your specific home. Allow yourself ample time as this process may take some time.   

In the event that you are going to demolish, renovate, or the purchase is a foreclosure and you cannot comply with the requirements for a CCO prior to the purchase, we have provided and Exemption Certificate that will cover both the Building and the Fire Prevention Bureau however the EXEMPTION must be reviewed and approved by the Health Department as required by State law  prior to being issued.  


Occupancy is not allowed until a CCO has been issued


SAMPLE – Continued Certificate of Occupancy

Some common CCO issues

Permits or violations are still outstanding or open

Structure is not maintained to the code as of the when it was built


Work has been done without permits, some but not all examples are:

  • Water Heaters                                                
  • Boilers/Furnace
  • A/C replacements                                           
  • Water softeners
  • Basement finished                                          
  • Kitchen/bathroom renovated
  • Generators/Hot Tub/Spas                             
  • Converted garages/sheds                               
  • Illegal bed rooms in basements/attics

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our office 201-934-3966