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Surface Water Sample Location Plan

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April 18, 2019 – Click the following link to find an updated summary of the surface water testing results reflecting the most recently performed round of sampling (sample date 4/15/19).

All of the 4/15/19 test sample results are below the NJ Drinking Water standard of 5 PPB.  Since 10/16/18, our office has secured a total of 78 test sample results. All but 2 of the test sample results were below the NJ Drinking Water Standard. The USEPA (federal) standard for arsenic is 10 PPB. All 78 of the sample test results were below that standard. All test results were submitted to the NJ DEP. 

The NJDEP has advised the most appropriate standard for comparison for surface water is the chronic standard of 150 PPB. The highest test result was secured during a rain event on 12/21/18. That result was 9.25 PPB or 6.2% of the surface water standard noted by NJDEP.

Kevin Boswell



Good afternoon Mayors Roth and Minichetti, 

DEP is aware of the interest from your community in the Apple Ridge Golf Course Development Site cleanup. As such, we appreciate the opportunity to provide you and your residents with the attached information. As outlined in the attached, remediation of this site was consistent with DEP regulations, and DEP considers the remediation case to be closed. Site visits have determined temporary sediment control measures are in accordance with the State’s objective to protect water quality. 

Thank you for your attention, and we hope you find this information helpful. 


Kerry Kirk Pflugh


Office of Local Government Assistance 

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection 

401 E. State Street

P.O. Box 402

Trenton, NJ 08625-0402

Office: 609-633-7700

Cell: 609-575-3806

Email: kerry.pflugh@dep.nj.gov



Links to LSRP Program Overview and letter from NJ DEP:

LSRP Program Overview

DEP Letter – 5-1-19



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Sample Tables with comparison – 8-14-19

  • August 14, 2019 surface water test results. They all meet the NJ Drinking Water Standard of 5 PPB and are well below the applicable standard of 150 PPB noted by the NJDEP. Click here for results

8-2-19 – Agency Site Visit Report

8-13-19 – Apple Ridge Site Visit – Email from Elizabeth Dragon

10-15-19 – Test Results. All sample results are not only below the recommended standard of the NJDEP but also meet the NJ State Drinking Water standard for arsenic.  Click here to see sample tables with comparison.

11-15-19 – All sample results meet NJ Drinking Water Standards for arsenic