We are excited for the construction on the new sports complex at One Lake Street to begin soon. Some delays have been addressed, and we awarded the project after the bidding process. The project will be done in phases to secure grant funding from various agencies. We secured a $1.8 million dollar grant to assist in the acquisition of the tract, as well as a second grant in the amount of $331,000 for the park development. Both grants were provided by the Bergen County Open Space Trust Fund. The Borough has an additional pending grant application and will continue to pursue future grants. We estimate an additional $700,000 in future grants which will be used to further reduce the Borough’s funding obligation. In addition, the Borough will seek supplemental funding through sponsorships and donations.  The Borough will bond the remaining cost of the project with the estimated average annual tax impact of approximately $30 per year for the median home in the Borough.

The complex will include a 150,000 square foot synthetic turf athletic field to accommodate Football, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, and Lacrosse with stands and press box. There will be a “one third of a mile” walking path surrounding the circumference of the field. In addition, the complex will include four pickle ball courts and a 110ft x 40ft field house. There will be directional LED lighting for the fields, pickleball courts and the parking lot.

The location of the complex will be adjacent to the new retail area and restaurant on East Crescent.

We are hopeful that the fields will be playable for the fall of 2023 or even possibly for next summer.  The bleachers and lights will come after that in phases.   There will be a groundbreaking ceremony in the near future.

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