5G Technology:  On July 1, 2021, the Governing Body appointed Hoplite Communications, LLC to act as consultant regarding Upper Saddle River’s communication carriers and the fairly recent FCC mandated installation of next generation mobile networks in the public right-of-way.  


Previous cellular technologies utilized towers and rooftops to deploy widely spaced antennas for carrier networks. 5G will be the first generation of wireless technology to make extensive use of the public rights-of-way. 5G antennas will be installed on new and existing utility poles, street lights, and traffic lights along virtually every road and highway in the country.   In a few short years, they will be everywhere and will become part of the background of every landscape. It is estimated that upwards of one million new utility poles and small cell antenna sites will be installed throughout the country.


The primary concern of the borough in regard to 5G, in addition to realizing the benefits to communication that 5G will bring about for the community, is to preserve the streetscape as much as possible and prevent the unnecessary proliferation of poles and other mounting structures on public roads and sidewalks. Federal law and the Federal Communications Commission limit just what the borough can and cannot do in that regard. Local government cannot prohibit the deployment of 5G networks in Upper Saddle River. What local government can do is establish in the form of an ordinance a reasonable framework that governs 5G rollouts. The borough can require that carriers utilize existing utility poles when technically feasible. This will reduce the number of new poles in the streetscape by placing the onus on carriers to only use new poles when existing infrastructure is unavailable or cannot be utilized.


These various measures, taken as a whole, will reduce the visual impact of 5G installations on the community. Hoplite Communications is an expert consultant with the experience to tie this all together and administer the terms of a 5G ordinance and ensure safe and compliant rollouts throughout the borough. 


An ordinance will be introduced at the August 5, 2021 Mayor and Council meeting, with a public hearing scheduled for September 2, 2021 at 8 p.m.  Hoplite Communications will be present at the public hearing.  Residents are encouraged to attend.  


5G deployments will also present several safety challenges that can be mitigated with sensible planning and coordination. For example, RF frequency levels need to meet FCC emissions standards. The borough cannot specify what RF levels are permissible. That is solely an FCC prerogative. But it can require the carrier to submit a report for each site and for the borough as a whole confirming that its proposed 5G site meets FCC RF emissions standards. Deployments will also require lane and sidewalk closures for bucket trucks and other vehicles and equipment needed for 5G installations. The borough 5G ordinance along with the expertise of Hoplite will ensure coordination between borough traffic personnel and police during construction.


As the borough’s expert 5G consultant and counsel, Hoplite Communications will endeavor to ensure a safe and orderly 5G deployment in Upper Saddle River.  Projects have begun already in other NJ municipalities but we estimate a start possibly in the late spring or summer months of 2022.  


Noise Ordinance:  Please be a good neighbor.  It is summer time and everyone is enjoying their backyards with music, pool parties and social gatherings after a long time of being apart; however, there are those with young children or other situations where there are early bedtimes.  Please be aware that our noise ordinance requires that any loud noise must be terminated at 11 p.m. for the comfort of all.  


Have a safe and healthy summer,


Joanne L. Minichetti – Mayor  jminichetti@usrtoday.org

Joanne Florio, Council President – jflorio@usrtoday.org

Steven DiMartino – sdimartino@usrtoday.org

Jon Ditkoff – jditkoff@usrtoday.org

Sarah Drennan – sdrennan@usrtoday.org

Vincent Durante, – vdurante@usrtoday.org

Arman Fardanesh – afardanesh@usrtoday.org  



A Message from the Upper Saddle River Police Department:


The play A Streetcar Named Desire, contained the quote, “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.”    I am sure Tennessee Williams was not thinking of the year 2021 when he wrote those words, but they sure have a strange relevance to our present lives. 


We routinely get into cars driven by strangers, accept food deliveries at our homes from strangers, and stay in houses and apartments that are owned by people we have never met.  These 2021 conveniences cannot come at the sacrifice of your personal safety.  Twenty minutes of ‘Google’ research will reveal that crimes and assaults occur with many of the ridesharing, delivery and accommodation services we may regularly use.  We are not recommending you abandon these services.  We are simply suggesting maintaining self-awareness.  


Below are some tips if utilizing a ride sharing application. 


  • Pay attention to the direction of travel the driver is taking and do not bury your face in your cell phone.
  • Young people should make a habit of riding in groups and the entire group should be dropped off at the same location at the end of an evening. 
  • Use the “trip-sharing” features with friends and family members
  • Sit in the passenger side of the backseat, so you have two avenues of escape and a view of both the road and driver
  • Do not share personal information with the driver
  • Track your kids’ cell phones with applications like Life360.

Please take a moment to visit the What’s My Name Foundation website at www.whatsmyname.org  and watch the public service announcement promoting rideshare safety https://vimeo.com/539289563.  


I would like to acknowledge Detective Captain Edward Kane for his assistance in providing the information contained in this message.  If you or a family member should need additional safety tips related to this topic, please contact Det. Capt. Kane directly at 201-327-2700.


Oktoberfest 2021 – Saturday, October 9th


Please mark your calendars now!  USR’s Oktoberfest is back and will be better than ever!   The event is scheduled from noon to six p.m. on Saturday, October 9th at Lions Park.   Planning for this community event and fundraiser for USR Cares, a 501c devoted to assisting USR residents in crisis, is well underway.   Presented by the Borough of Upper Saddle River and USR Cares, this year’s theme will be International Food and Games.  Come down and enjoy live music, amusement rides for the children, games, crafts, vendors, a variety of delicious foods, and beer and wine from Defiant Brewery for purchase.  A senior tent will provide entertainment and a delicious lunch at no cost for USR residents aged 70+.  Our many community and service organizations will be participating as well.    Local cultural organizations are welcome as well.  Please make plans now to join your friends and neighbors on October 9th.  


Please help make this event a success.  USR Cares is looking for vendors, sponsors and raffle prizes.  


If you’d like a vendor’s booth, please contact Sharon Reissman at sharonreissman@gmail.com. This is a great opportunity to showcase your home-based or local business. 


If you are willing to be a sponsor, or if you can donate a raffle prize, please email usrcares@gmail.com.  There are varying levels of sponsorship. 


For more information about USR Cares, please visit www.usrcares.com or follow them on Facebook at USR Cares.  


Third Quarter Taxes Due August 1, 2021


The Tax Office wishes to remind residents that the third quarter 2021 taxes are due on or before August 1, 2021.  Upper Saddle River offers a ten-day grace period.  If taxes are not paid by August 10th,  State law requires that interest is then due from August 1st to the date they are paid. Post-dated checks will not be accepted.  Check or money orders only, no cash will be accepted.   


USR Woman’s Club ~ Save The Date!


The Woman’s Club is sponsoring our 5th Annual Town Wide Garage Sale on Saturday, September 25th from 9am-4pm (rain date the 26th). 


Get on the map! Info and application form can be found on the website—usrwomansclub.org.


If you’ve been re-organizing in COVID, this will be the day to get your unwanted treasures sold! We do all the advertising to bring buyers to your sale. A bonus this year––heavy duty pickup will be the next week.


Thanksgiving USR 5K Run 2021:  


Mark your calendars. The USR 5K Race will be held Thanksgiving morning, November 25, 2021. More information will follow on our website www.usr5k.org. If you are interested in being a sponsor or volunteer for the event, please contact Race Director Ed Gartner at usrrecreation@aol.com


Garbage & Recycling:


If your regular pickup is missed, call Borough Hall at 201-327-2196.  You can leave a voice message with your address, or email info@usrtoday.org. Service may take longer than usual but it is ongoing as it’s a public health matter.   


The Recycling Depot is open on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to noon.




Garbage:   Every Monday & Thursday



West Side: Tuesday August 3, 17 & 31     

East Side:  Tuesday August 10 & 24        

NOTE: Must call by 10am the NEXT DAY to report missed Trash/Recycles.


Curbside White Goods:  Thursday, August 5, 2021.   Call 201-327-2196 x221 to schedule appointment for the appliance at LEAST three days prior.


Next Curbside Bulky Trash:  Friday, October 1, 2021. 37


Mayor and Council Regular Meeting – Thursday, August 5, 2021.

The next Mayor and Council Meeting will be held on August 5, 2021 at 8:00 p.m.   The meeting agenda can be found on the Borough website: www.usrtoday.org. The meeting will be held via teleconference (Zoom) and the necessary credentials to join the meeting are as follows:    


Computer:  Link: https://zoom.us/j/842319706

Meeting ID:                  842-319-706

Phone:             1-669-900-6833 or 1-877-853-5247

Then dial meeting ID (842-319-706) followed by #, then #, #9 to raise hand.