Questions were raised at the September council meeting concerning the annual municipal audit. Municipalities are required to undergo an audit on a yearly basis. Recommendations are made. These audits are very thorough and stringent. Each municipality’s audit must be reviewed, posted on the municipality’s website and sent to the Department of Community Affairs for their review. Our auditing firm, Lerch, Vinci and Higgins have completed the Borough’s 2018 audit. It can be found on

Any financial impropriety, criminal or negligent, would be immediately reported by our independent auditing firm and the Borough notified. Although the auditor has made recommendations, corrective actions have either been made or are underway in collaboration with our auditor. It is typical for municipalities to receive recommendations and to work to correct them. Recommendations range in neighboring towns from zero to almost twenty. By comparison, the Borough of Upper Saddle River received 11 recommendations and, according to our auditor, 8 corrective actions have already been implemented and the remaining 3 are in the process of being implemented with full expectation of this being completed before year-end.