//Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety

Halloween is much anticipated, however, statistics have shown that children, especially those walking or crossing a street, are twice as likely to be injured on Halloween compared to the same time period on other days during the year. Proper supervision during the annual Trick-or-Treat season is extremely important. 
Tips for Parents
• Always escort your children.
• Carry a flashlight if trick-or-treating at night.
• Be familiar with the neighborhood where your children will be trick-or-treating.
• Set a specific time for your child/children to be out.
• Always know who is trick-or-treating with your children.
• Walk on the sidewalks and not in the middle of the street.
• Instruct your children NEVER to enter any homes.
• Stay in well-lighted areas.
• Inspect all treats before allowing children to eat them.
• Choose fireproof, light colored costumes so they can be easily seen in the dark.
• Consider placing reflective or glow-in-the-dark tape on your children’s costumes.
• Have children avoid wearing eye makeup or masks, which will restrict their vision.
• Avoid having children carry replica firearms, swords, or toys that can be mistaken for the real thing.
• Give out only commercially wrapped candy.
• Teach children their home and/or parent’s cellular phone number, in case they get lost.
• Consider a Halloween party at your residence instead of going out to trick-or-treat.
Tips for Homeowners
• Turn on your porch light so children know it is all right to visit your home.
• Never invite children into your home.
• Keep pets away from children.
• Maintain clear walkways that are free from obstruction.
Tips for Motorists
• Drive slowly and cautiously.
• Look for children walking on the street, running, and darting in between parked vehicles.
• Be extra careful when entering and exiting driveways.
• Do not text or use your cell phone while driving because it will cause a distraction.
• Never drink and drive.
Residents can expect to see an increased presence of officers and traffic control personnel posted at locations where historically, there has been a large number of children trick or treating. Please, immediately report any suspicious activity to the Police so it may be investigated. This is especially true on the evening before Halloween. The Police Department has a zero tolerance policy for mischief associated with the Halloween season. Those found in possession of items used to commit acts of vandalism, will have these items confiscated and may be charged criminally.

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