Borough Code Section 36-1 states that all homeowners must keep brush, plants and hedges 10 feet from the road on most lots and 25 feet on corner lots. It also states that plant life is not allowed to grow over the roadway. Ordinance Section 137-9 states that the homeowner must maintain all trees on their property and remove damaged or diseased trees as well as stumps, roots and dead trees. The DPW is currently assessing the town for our Zoning Officer who will then send notice to affected homeowners. This work must be done by June 1st.

Property owners and tenants are responsible for maintaining trees and vegetation along both county and municipal roadways. Keeping your property compliant with local codes will improve visibility for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike. As we know, trees often times take down power lines during storms. Tree contact with power lines is the single leading cause of outages. If a tree is within a 10-foot setback and interfering with power lines, the homeowner can report it to O&R. They will remove or trim it free of charge. Everyone is thanked in advance for their cooperation as this will be a tremendous help in reducing future outages as well as restoring the beauty of town for the community at large.
To report potential tree interference to O&R, call 877-434-4100 or visit the O&R website and look under Storm Information Center. There you will find Vegetation Management. Select the Report Tree Interference option and submit your tree interference problem