Because of a variety of reasons outside of the Borough’s control, including the recent settlements by Mahwah and Montvale, the Borough has entered into a tentative settlement with the Eruv Plaintiffs. While the full set of terms will be released to the public in coming days (negotiations are continuing), in the interim the Borough will allow plastic strips (lechis) to be installed on approximately seven utility poles along Old Stone Church Road the week of February 19, 2018, including the repair of certain existing lechis that had previously been vandalized, all on a TEMPORARY BASIS. Under this tentative settlement, in the weeks to come, the lechis will be removed from poles along Old Stone Church Road and most of Weiss Road and the eruv will be rerouted as close to the New York border as geography will allow. All newly installed lechis will be black plastic, rather than white PVC pipe with silver brackets.