Building Department

This page will assist you with the process for obtaining construction permits. It covers items enforced by the Uniform Construction Code otherwise known as the U.C.C. The U.C.C. covers items such as new construction, additions, alterations, renovations, reconstruction in residential and commercial properties as well as retaining walls, signs, accessory structures, pools, hot tubs and other such items. The application process is the same for all items covered but you may not be required to provide all of the listed approvals or applications. The web page provides a guide for general information.

The owner is required to assure that all required permits are in place prior to the start of construction. These permits are the property of the homeowner and it is the owners responsibility to make sure that all Borough and State codes are followed. All applicable state codes can be found on the Division of Community Affairs (DCA) website and all local Borough codes can be found as a link on the Boroughs website.

Some of the Borough codes that you must be aware of are the noise ordinances, the portable bathroom ordinances, soil movement and the fee schedule.

Items such as noise, construction site up-keep, roadways kept clear and clean, silt fences, pool fences and parking are all enforced by the building office, zoning official, engineering office as well as the police department. The acceptance of the permit is your acknowledgement that you are aware of these items and that this is the only warning you will receive.

Our goal is to help you from start through finish to efficiently and safely assist you in completing your project without disturbing the neighborhood. If you do not understand the items outlined in this guide or if you have any questions, please feel free to call the Building office.

This web page is constantly under construction (no permit required), please continually check in with us. I look forward to working with you on your project and thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


Important Information Regarding the Use of Generators

Please read this article about using a generator. For your safety, the Building Department advises all residents to have generators installed by a professional. If you have questions about generators, please call the Building Official at 201-934-3966.