Shade Tree Frequently Asked Questions

The removal of any tree, 8 inches in diameter, or larger, dead or alive, deciduous or coniferous, that are located in the 10 ft. right-of-way, 10 ft. side buffer, or 15 ft. rear buffer requires a Tree Removal Permit. Tree Removal Application Forms are available on the Borough’s Web-Site or call the Shade Tree Commission Office: (201) 327 – 8923.

The Property Maintenance Ordinance requires a property owner to maintain the land and vegetation, including trees, to the road. A dead or hazardous tree could fall at any time and cause bodily injury to anyone entering or passing your property, therefore it is necessary to keep your property safe for others.

Yes, the Tree Removal Permit Card should be visible from the road during any tree removal.

Yes, any tree services contracted to perform work in Upper Saddle River are required to obtain a Commercial Tree Service Permit issued by the Borough. The Permits must be renewed annually. Forms are available on the Borough’s Web-Site.

No, permits are not needed for pruning. However, if employing a commercial tree service they must have a commercial tree service permit issued by the Borough.

Mulch can be very beneficial to a tree. Mulch helps the soil under the tree retain moisture and protects the trunk of the tree from damage caused by lawnmowers and grass trimmers. Mulch should be applied 2” to 4” deep under the tree BUT SHOULD NOT TOUCH THE TRUNK OF THE TREE.