Updated Vision 2020 Survey To Be In September Borough Bulletin – or download it here!

The Mayor and Council of Upper Saddle River will be conducting an update of its Vision 2020 survey. It will be distributed to all households, as an insert in the September Borough Bulletin, copies will be available at USR Day and it is available on the Borough website, Please watch for the survey and help the governing body by filling it out.

The original visioning survey resulted from research and input by the Vision 2020 Committee and its 4 subcommittees. The survey was sent to all households in the Borough requesting responses to questions pertaining to the future of Upper Saddle River’s growth and development, quality of life, cost of living, traffic and safety, and government and services. Approximately 19% of households responded resulting in 23 recommendations for the Borough, the top 5 of which were; preserving our semi-rural character, assuring our safety, protecting our environment, stabilizing taxes, keep improving quality of life and maintaining quality of government and services. Based on the work of the 2020 Committee and the town wide survey results, a report was prepared outlining future goals for the Borough.

Since the 2005 report, the Borough has achieved many of the recommended goals. The Mayor and Council is updating the survey in order to have residents continue to determine the future direction of USR. For more information, please contact Joanne Minichetti at

 Only 7 Years To Go! Vision 2020: What has been Accomplished?

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